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Chairman’s Message

Dear Reader,

I am really delighted to present to you the maiden edition of this Newsletter which has taken shape through huge collaborative efforts and consultations.

I hope you will find it interesting and intellectually stimulating.

Please share your valuable comments and suggestions.

Work from Home: Emerging Occupational Health Challenges
Subhashis Sahu

The work From Home (WFH) employment framework has slowly nestled in everyone’s daily life schedule. The past year witnessed corporate 9 to 5 job employee goes like job-hopping, employees’ demand for flexibility, as well as transparency and workplace safety and further shifting from traditional 9 to 5 job towards the remote work from home. ...

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What the Experts have to Say-Responsibility, Authority and Accountability Triangle
R. K. Poddar

Various players are there in the theatre of a workplace in any project site who have to play their role effectively and timely to ensure the play goes on as scripted. Who are these players? The answer is easy as well as difficult depending on how the roles are identified and enacted in the workplace. A play is scripted by the author in keeping with the plot ...

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A journey of Safety management system implementation at MP Birla Group (Cement Division)
A. Tiwari

Old is Gold, saying to emphasize the value of old things, thoughts and other relevant, But is old Safety culture, thinking and system is Gold or worthy? Change is Beautiful, saying to encourage new things and ideas, but are we favouring change? Are we accepting that Safety is our own responsibility or own social responsibility? ...

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Last Minute Risk Assessment – An effective HSE tool

I. Chakraborty

Risk Assessment is a process of identification, assessment and controlling of hazards and risks or unsafe situations which may occur during execution of a planned activity. These hazards or risks, if not acted upon timely, may lead to accidents, property damage or physical injury. During this assessment, the endeavour is to identify the actions, situations ...

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2nd ICC OHS Conference and Awards 2020

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3rd ICC OHS Conference and Awards 2021

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ICC Innovation Contest on Prevention Strategy for COVID-19 at workplaces-Best workplace practices

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ICC OHS Conference and Awards 2019

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Interactive Session on Health & Safety Promotion Economic and Social Perspective

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Webinar on Occupational Health & Safety Challenges and Possible Solutions in the New Normal 7th November 2020; 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

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